How we can help

Business Organization

From deciding on the best entity and jurisdiction of formation to setting up organizational document, we have you covered.  We perform these services for a fixed fee.

Identifying and Protecting IP

From trademarks to trade secrets, we can help you develop a strategy for securing and protecting your intellectual property rights, but will also provide candid advice regarding the value of doing so (i.e. patents are most valuable to certain industries, and when to appropriately use confidentiality agreements). 

Data Privacy and Information Risk

Data privacy and information risk is at the top of mind for most companies, and we can help you avoid pitfalls and get your deals done. We can often do this work on a fixed fee. We know and refer to highly capable information security professionals when the time is right for security audit and testing services. 

Day-to-day legal Tasks

Drawing on in-house corporate attorney and business-side experience, we can address a wide variety of issues facing your business and its day-to-day needs. These issues are typically manifest in the written agreements with customers, partners, vendors, contractors and employees. We also know when issues require specialists and for issues that exceed the scope of our expertise, you can rely on our network to find you authorities in employment, employee benefits, immigration, tax, real estate, international transactions and all varieties of litigation. 

Exit Events

Exit events (acquisitions and initial public offerings of securities) are complex events that likely require input from attorneys, accountants, and investment bankers. Except for the most basic corporate transactions, these events exceed the capacity of a small law firm. We'll help you find the right people when these opportunities arise.