Intellectual Property and Business Law
Intellectual Property and Business Law
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Startups & Small Companies

We provide legal advice that is grounded in practical business consideration, and advise on most matters typical to a startup or small company. You can expect frank advice and reasonable fees. When you have a specialized question that goes beyond the scope of our practice, you can leverage our network to reach some of the best attorneys in town. 


WHAt Makes Us Different

Good legal advice means spending time to understand your business. We'll work to understand how your business works, how it is different from competitors in the market, and what your goals are for the business. We use this understanding to create a legal strategy that plays to your strengths.  

A skilled understanding of intellectual property law. From trademarks to trade secrets, we understand how to help founders identify and protect their innovations.  

We are responsive. We understand and appreciate that you need to act quickly and efficiently. We understand that deal-making has a momentum and that time is often the enemy of a completed transaction. We pride ourselves on always finding ways that things can be done rather than reasons why they can’t.

Alternative billing arrangements. When possible, we provide you with predictable, transparent fees. We offer fixed fees for most services. In every circumstance, we'll work to provide you with our best estimate for the total costs involved, and will be frank about open-ended projects. Depending on the task, we can also work on deferred fee arrangements. 


Practice Areas

From forming your business to protecting IP, we'll help you get a start. Once you're up and running, we're experts with the day-to-day legal needs of a business.